Good Sources Of Protein-Vegetable proteins but contains only a fraction of the 9 essential ammino acids. “If you just mengasup vegetable protein, is very important to eat a variety of variations when to eat to meet the body’s needs will amino acids, ” said Elango. Eat a variety of food sources of protein are also very important because every source that also contain different vitamins and minerals. There is a food rich in vitamin B, iron, etc. Here are some of the best protein sources according to nutrition experts.
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Eggs One egg contains 6 grams of protein. “In terms of the value of the biologinya eggs have the highest value. The biological value is the proportion of protein when diasup will help make up the protein and tissue in the body, “says Bonnie Taub-Dix, author of the book Read It Before You Eat It. Another plus is contain kolin, vitamin B-12 and D, which are very important to increase the level of energy and cells. We also still be consuming one egg every day without worry about the risk of heart and stroke increases.

Cottage cheese cottage cheese is a soft cheese made from buttermilk. In one cup of cheese it contained 25 grams of protein and 18 percent of our daily calcium needs. -advantages of chicken poultry is contains less saturated fat than other meats. In the chicken breasts contained 30 grams of protein.

Serelia Serelia whole or whole grains contain fiber not only intact but also proteins. Quinoa is a part of the whole serelia has complete protein content or contain the entire essential amino acids.

Fish is a great source of omega-3 best needed for a healthy heart and stabilize mood. In the salmon pieces measuring 3 ounces of contained 17 grams of protein with 6.5 grams of saturated fatty acids do not. Meanwhile, the tuna has higher content of 25 grams.

Greece Greece Yogurt yogurt had fresh taste making it suitable for diasup at breakfast, snack, or in other blends. A little fat content while the protein is quite high.

Nuts in addition to having no saturated fat content, nuts are also rich in protein.

Green leafy green vegetables also contain protein. For example, in a dish of spinach that has 70 calories, contained 10 grams of protein. Although green vegetables do not contain amino acids that is complete, but if combined with nuts or legume, then acid aminonya enough “complete “.

Problems on the face of it seems there never was. And arguably of the many existing problems, acne is a problem that topped the number one very annoying confidence because it can ruin the appearance.

Quiet do not trigger frustrating because no doubt there are many solutions to solve these problems. And make sure you find the right solution to overcome acne. ‘Ve tried to treat acne with potent drugs that are on the home page?
Obat-Jerawat-Alami-e1493740128786 Acne Treatment Home Remedies
Yup, some ACNE medications is very easy to find and usually very often we see there in the pages of the House. Does anyone know the plant or the fruit of a very powerful tackle acne problems is also growing in the home page you know.

1. Leaves of the Guava. The leaves are rich in antioxidant, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and astringent tannins is indeed has long been known to cure diarrhea, gastric cancer, high cholesterol, and much more. Great not only for health, guava leaves are also very reliable for removing pimples, black spots, and wrinkles. Boil some pieces of guava leaf, let stand until the water is lightly browned, then use a cotton swab to apply water decoction of guava leaves to the rest of the face. Let stand for 15 minutes, then rinse until clean by using plain water.

2. Betel leaves. Native to Indonesia which has the particularity of this fragrance could also treat acne. To utilize the leaves contain an antiseptic as this acne medication you need only set up 10 pieces of betel leaf, then boiled with a liter of water that has been added with two spoons of salt. After boiling, let stand the stew until the water becomes cold. Water decoction of betel leaf that you can use to membasuk face every night, before going to bed. Pimples on face will soon be mongering and disappeared.

3. Chili. The chili pepper prices soared make mothers take own chili by planting solutions on the home page. Including mother you dont? If Yes, then you too can feel the benefits of chili for the face you are probably now being spotty nih. Antioxidants are present in Chili Peppers can prevent swelling pimples. Using chilli as acne medication you need to prepare the chili, Bowl, hot water, and cotton swabs. The chili entries had been crushed into the bowl, then add hot water, stir slowly. Swabs with cotton apply the mixture of these materials in the face of the breakouts. Let stand for 15 minutes, then rinse with clean water. Caution do not get exposed to the eyes of Yes.

4. Papaya. This sweet fruit contains natural enzymes papain and chymopapain i.e. is antifungal, antibacterial, and antiviral. To utilize the papaya as acne medications you can smooth the papaya with the blender. Once smooth, you can use the papaya blended last as a mask. Let sit for 15 minutes, then rinse with water until clean. Eating papaya juice regularly can also prevent acne and cleared from the body.

5. Aloe Vera. Want it acne or acne scars now you can eliminate both with Aloe Vera. The natural extracts of Aloe Vera contains substances that can kill the bacteria causes acne. How to use it, you just need to rub it in your face, let stand, after it dries just rinsed. You can also use a mixture of Aloe Vera and honey to get rid of acne and acne scars. First combine Aloe Vera gel with a spoon the honey. Apply on the skin of your face and let sit for a few minutes, then rinse.

How To Lose Weight-You who have body fat of course want to lose your weight until you reach normal levels. Yes, you can try how to deal with the body naturally. Times like now, where sophisticated technology has penetrated into all aspects of human life, including education, is indeed an awful lot of effort that can be made with a relatively short period of time, such as liposuction or cutting of the hull.
Cara-menguruskan-badan-secara-alami-tanpa-obat How To Lose Weight
However, it does not mean no risk. In fact, weight loss program conducted without proper supervision method and thus can be dangerous for a person. For example, surgery to lose weight can even make the intestines cannot absorb nutrients, so her weight really trousers trimmed, but instead very harmful to health.

How to deal with the Body Naturally and easily

An awful lot of expression that was blasted out of the women as “Beauty is pain” or “Beauty is expensive”. Because the word “beautiful” has always been related to the physical one is body lean. Saying the above turns out to be not true forever. The better you do how to deal with the body naturally without drugs. Without consuming slimming or operation and costs are expensive, you can have an ideal body.

Need to be defined before you do, we recommend that you remove the mind to get instant results. All there is process, and should be done consistently and regularly. Many people choose a short path to dieting, but regret it later, after various more serious problems thus approached.

The best move you can do i.e. a set diet by consuming food that is healthy and balanced. How to deal with the body naturally can be done by choosing vegetables and fruit. Vegetables especially green like spinach and apples have low calories and rich in fiber. So you don’t have to worry about being fat, if mengkonsuminya. Moreover kaldunya is also good for your health, because many contain substances are important.

How to lose body without drugs

Are you lazy to exercise? If Yes, please waste away your desire to be thin. With exercise, calories will be burned and slim body will more quickly you get. You will get two benefits simultaneously, the body is healthy and ideal weight. You can perform the following steps:

As a guide for yourself, make the sports schedule
Invite friends to run together so you better relax
Set aside time during the hectic bustle around 30 minutes only, this can be done at home.
Go to the gym to try the elliptical motion trainers with a time of 40 minutes in 5 days.more article visit protein shakes and lose weight

Bipolar disorder is a state of someone who experienced mood swings as drastic, wavering and suddenly very happy by previous pessimism. Another name for bipolar disorder is manic depression.
83315605-bipolar-disorder-symptoms-sick-man-and-prevention-infographic-health-and-medical-vector-illustration Bipolar Disorder Symptoms
There are two episodes of bipolar disorder, the episodes of Mania (ascent stage) and depression (stage below). In the time of the mania, the patient is visibly very passionate, energetic and quick to speak. On the other hand, in times of depression, patients are lost, lethargic, sad and interested in daily activities.

Based on the mood episode revolution, there are parts of bipolar disorder patients who experience normal situations between mania and depression. It has also experienced a sharp reversal of mania on depression and vice versa without normal time (fast bike). In addition, there are also patients with bipolar disorder who experience at the same time mania and depression. For example, when a patient feels very energetic, but at the same time also very sad and desperate. These symptoms are called in a mixed time (mixed state).

Causes of bipolar disorder
So far, experts do not know what causes the onset of bipolar disorder. Some argue that the condition is caused by an imbalance in neurotransmitters and drug-controlled brain function. Furthermore, it demands also a bipolar disorder in relation to genetic factors (descendants).

Some factors that may possibly increase the risk of someone affected by bipolar disorder, experienced high stress, traumatic experience, alcoholism in alcoholic beverages and illicit drugs, and have a close family history (brothers and Sisters and parents) suffer from bipolar disorder.

Diagnosis of Bipolar disorder
Psychological evaluation needed to diagnose bipolar disorder. In this case, the doctor usually asks about the pattern of the patient, mood, feeling, and behavior of what she thinks. Also, the doctor should usually provide information about the patient or family of the patient, mania or depressive episodes.

Also, because there are other conditions that can lead to the same symptoms as bipolar disorder, hyperthyroid with hypothyroidism, then the physical examination in relation to the two diseases, which should also be done to the patient’s condition Ensure.

Treatment for bipolar disorder
The goal of treating bipolar disorder is to reduce the incidence of episodes-mania and depressive episodes are affected, so they usually live and socialize with the environment.

In addition to improving the service life, the process is usually the provision of drugs together with psychotherapy (e.g. cognitive behavioral therapy).

Diabetes is a very serious disease and extends to the most part of the body’s system influence. Currently the fifth major cause of death in the United States. It is responsible for the surprisingly 210,000 deaths annually and continues to rise.
diabetes Medicine Identification Diabetes
What exactly is diabetes? There are two types of diabetes: type I (formerly juvenile Breakout diabetes) and type II (which is much more common). High blood glucose levels cause a number of problems that characterize these two types.

Type I Diabetes is a disease in which the pancreas, where the body destroys its own B cells and pancreas, can no longer make insulin. Without insulin moving glucose into the body cells, glucose sits in the bloodstream and levels are elevated. Symptoms and symptoms are usually especially thirsty and seem hungry, excessive urination and fatigue. This species is more common in people under the age of 30 years and is often seen as a child. The peak occurrence is 11-13 years old. Insulin injections are needed for the rest of your life. It can be very difficult for a child to fight diabetes. Complications such as heart disease, stroke, blindness and limb amputation are often found. Fortunately, I only type 5-10% of all types of diabetes.

In contrast, type II diabetes claims to be as much as 90% of all types of diabetes. It usually starts at the age of 35 years old and is very common among seniors. In type II diabetes, there may be a combination of problems. The pancreas can still produce insulin, but often do not make enough and/or cells are unable to use insulin. Unlike type I diabetes, insulin injections are not always necessary because the body is often still able to make some insulin. Sometimes oral drugs, regular exercise, and good nutrition were able to control the height of blood sugar.

In many respects, both types of diabetes. Type II diabetes often shows symptoms similar to type I, but it is usually not light when the disease is controlled. Exercise and proper nutrition are very important to control both types, but the type II patients are usually obese, although I have a patient type and lean. Frequent outbreaks of the same type of complications, especially heart disease, type II patients.

Type I Diabetes can have a big impact on a child’s life that is diagnosed with it. Not only do they have to adapt to major changes in life, such as insulin injections per day, but they are also confronted with self-esteem and peer interaction and potential problems. Family counseling and support groups are often useful in tackling this problem.

Diabetes also provides additional risk to older people who are already developing heart problems that are prone to stroke. This is a very real problem because an estimated 20% of people over the age of 65 have diabetes. Older populations often have a difficult time adjusting to the disease.

Overall, diabetes has had a bad impact on our society in around $98 billion spent annually on medical bills.read more article New Diabetic Bracelets Walgreens

Inflammatory disorders (PID) of the pelvis or pelvis are infectious diseases that affect the cervix (uterus), uterus (uterus), fallopian tubes (fallopian tubes) and ovaries (ovaries). An example of pelvic inflammation is usually found in a 15-24-year-old woman sexually active. In addition to infertility, pelvic inflammatory diseases can not immediately cope with chronic pelvic pain, which leads to the fallopian tube pregnancy.
SciaticaFacts_article_main Sciatica Symptoms And Treatment
Causes of pelvic inflammation
Sexually transmitted diseases are the cause of pelvic inflammation. Bacterial infections such as chlamydia and vacationers are usually examples of bacteria that cause cervical infections. These bacteria can spread from the vagina to the section of the genital organs above. Also, some bacteria that normally live in the vagina can cause pelvic inflammation. These bacteria pass through the vagina and infect other organs.

Risk factors for pelvic inflammation are associated with miscarriage, abortion, frequently changing sexual partners, sexual intercourse without condoms, having a history of pelvic inflammation and infection sexually transmitted previously, a used spiral of contraceptive pills.

Symptoms of pelvic inflammation
In most cases, it is difficult to identify because the reproductive organs of inflammatory hip arthritis do not always show symptoms. Symptoms that can be experienced include pelvic pain, lower abdominal pain, urinary pain, and soreness during sexual activity. In addition, it can cause fever, nausea, and vomiting. Vaginal secretions may have yellow or green discoloration and also signs of infection occurring in the reproductive organs.

Also note the longer menstruation as well as the bleeding, which occurs during menstruation or after sexual activity. Quickly find a doctor to get a proper diagnosis.

Diagnosis of pelvic inflammation
Information about an experienced medical history, as well as his sexual activity, which is suspected of symptoms that patients suffering from pelvic inflammation may be. A test often performed as primary support is a sampling to detect the presence of bacterial infection from the vaginal fluid (vaginal swab) or cervix, as well as the type of bacteria that infects. There are also some other tests that can be performed, blood tests, urine tests, pregnancy tests and ultrasound.

Patients are said to be positive that they can diagnose pelvic inflammation according to test results against the causes of bacteria such as chlamydia or tripper. In most cases, the result is negative, but this does not mean that the patient is suffering from pelvic inflammation.

You can also take actions in the form of abdominal or small surgery on the abdomen to check the condition of the patient’s internal organs and place the micro-camera to the tissue samples when needed.

In particular, if there are signs of pelvic inflammation after sexual activity, doctors usually recommend that the patient’s spouse is also inspected to detect the outbreak of transmission.

In certain cases, the abscess may occur in the uterus or fallopian tube where it collects pus and liquids. If the results of the diagnosis are found in the presence of an abscess, the patient will be hospitalized.

Treatment of pelvic inflammation
The treatment of inflammation in pelvic or pelvic inflammatory diseases can be done by administering antibiotics in person, which are performed in the early stages of the disease. Normal patients are administered at least 14 days to treat metronidazole antibiotics, Ofloxacin, doxycycline, ceftriaxone or bacterial infections. The administration of antibiotics can help relieve pain medications such as ibuprofen or paracetamol to assist the patient in pelvic or abdominal pain. In pregnant patients, it is advisable to consult a doctor before taking antibiotics.

Most patients with severe cases of pelvic inflammation can get antibiotics through a drip in the hospital. Antibiotic treatment The bacterial infection must be dissolved to your satisfaction according to the consumer period recommended by the physician in order to completely disappear.

For pelvic inflammation patients with spiral contraceptives, doctors can recommend the abolition of these contraceptives if the symptoms do not improve after a few days.

To prevent the spread of infection to other people during the treatment of pelvic inflammation, the patient’s sexual partner is also recommended to undergo inspection and treatment, although it does not show the same symptoms. The Doctor also takes a seat that the patient and your partner will not recommend to do sexual intercourse during the treatment process.

The surgical procedure consists of scar tissue, which causes pain when the abscess has appeared in an infected organ. Action actions can be made by opening the abdomen (Laparotomy) or using minimally invasive surgery (abdominal), removing or emptying the abscess and cutting the scar.

Diabetes can cause long-term Problem for your entire body, especially if you don’t have the controlling of your blood sugar levels and let it be effective so high for many years to stay. High blood sugar can damage the nerves that send the Bell of the hands and feet. This damage is called diabetic Neuropatia.
322218404-Hello-Sehat-1024x683-1024x683-1 Diabetic Nerve Pain In Hand And Feet
Diabetic Neuropathy can cause numbness di tingling in your fingers di toes, hands. Other Sintomon i.e. pain as in Marca, stricken Porta sharp objects, and pain (diabetic nerve pain). The pain may have been at first mite, but it became worse over time and can spread to your Braccio di Stato. Walking are very painful and can be you in pain, even just a gentle touch because of Di.

According to the doctors Accademia Americana di Famiglia, 10%-20% of people have experienced diabetes in contra to pain nerves. Nerve damage can affect your ability to sleep and your overall quality of life. Having a chronic disease can also cause depression.

How to cure diabetic neuropathy?
It cannot be replaced by damaged nerves, but a way to prevent further damage and reduce pain.

The first step in the treatment of pain is to control the blood sugar levels so that the damage does not grow. Talk to your doctor about their blood sugar levels and set up and learn how to Memonitornya. It is essential to reduce the blood sugar level to 70-130 mg/dl meals, and less than 180 mg/dl of blood sugar levels after meals.

Diet, exercise, and medications help reduce blood sugar levels to the desired extent. Be sure to also have other health risks that can impair your diabetes. Keep the weight under control. If you smoke, ask your doctor for explanations of the various effective ways to stop smoking.

The doctor will probably want to try a drug analgesic, such as acetaminophen (Thailand), aspirin or ibuprofen (moto, AD). This drug is available without the prescription and can cause side effects. Try low doses in less time for symptoms. If you have a long-term pain or painkillers, there are other options.

These medications are usually used to treat depression. However, antidepressants often prescribe diabetic neuralgia to treat because they can affect the brain chemicals and will make you feel pain. Doctors may recommend Trisiklik antidepressants like Ami (Ella), Imipramine (Tofranil.) and D (Norpramin). This drug can also cause unpleasant side effects, such as dry mouth, fatigue, and sweating. If there is a history of restless mind, it cannot be discouraged by antidepressants Trisiklik.

The latest generation of serotonin and norepinephrine reuptake inhibitors (SNRI) to the extent of Venlafaxine (Effexor) and duloxetine, an alternative to Trisiklik. They usually have fewer side effects.

Anti-epileptic drugs
Pregabalin (Ririka), a drug used to prevent epileptic seizures, people with epilepsy such as Neurontin, Gaborone, phenytoin (Chin), carbamazepine (Carbatrol) can also pain can help overcome the nerves. Pregabalin also helps you to sleep better. This drug has side effects, drowsiness, swelling, and dizziness.more article about nerve pain causes visit http://twisted-vine.com

nerve pain symptoms-The cause of the pain nerve is various, ranging from the interrupted nerve function and the disease. The nervous system is working to organize everybody and control the work of muscle and sensitivity to your body. The sensation of hot and cold on the side of our body has the nerve to drive the effector sensation of the receptors or act to perform these body parts.
apa-saja-yang-menjadi-penyebab-nyeri-saraf-1024x597 Nerve Pain Symptoms
Nerve pain in the body should warn the body to act defensively. Here’s how it works: If your hands get too close to the stove, send a nerve pain signal to the brain and you pull your hand for the Flaming flame. But if you hurt your nerves, this system doesn’t work. Damaged nerves can transmit false signals and they will often feel pain for no reason. Damaged nerves also cause you can not feel the pain if you are injured.

Nerve damage can be difficult to do things with your hands and can cause a loss of sensation or numbness in your fingers. Keeping something, cook, or even a spoon lift can be difficult. Many people with nerve damage say they feel touch, dull or numb.

Some causes of neuralgia

1. Diabetes mellitus
Diabetes is often one of the diseases associated with the causes of pain nerves. If the nerves of pain occur in people suffering from diabetes, this condition is more commonly known as the term diabetic neuropathy. This condition will be more severe if uncontrolled, diabetics are obese, or even hypertension

2. Diseases affecting the immunity of the body
For example, Sick lupus. Studies show that Lupus is capable of influencing the nervous system. Lupus patients may experience confusion difficulties, concentrate headaches, fatigue, stroke or other signs that indicate the cause of nerve pain or a disturbance in the body’s nervous system.

3. Some viral infections or bacteria
For example, HIV/AIDS. HIV can also interfere with the human central nervous system. This condition can be caused by HIV itself, or there are bacteria that attack bacterial infections or brain organs. By destroying the immune system the body may not be completely infected, but micro-organisms that are not really harmful to normal people.

4. Tumors such as cancer
While the tumor grows, the surrounding nerves can be suppressed. Cancer can also grow the nerves themselves. Sometimes the treatment of cancer, such as chemotherapy, can damage the nerves that cause pain.

5. Stroke
A stroke is one of the causes of a neurological condition that occurs when the blood flow to the brain is interrupted. Stroke is ischemia, which is most frequently caused by the obstruction of the blood vessels of the brain and the presence of a significant brain tissue hypoperfusion. In this condition, the nerves cannot maintain the cells on a malfunction.

6. Pharmaceutical Products
If you have medications for treating cancer, such as vincristine or antibiotics, the substance may cause damage to the nerve part.

7. Liqueur
If you want to consume alcohol, this can lead to nerve damage. You experience a lack of nutrients and vitamins so that the damage occurs to certain body parts without cause and cause neuralgia

8. Poison
Some toxins may harm the human nerves, such as pesticides and mercury. If the second substance is digested in the body, it causes immediate nervous pain, paralysis can also cause poisoning.more article please click diabetic nerve pain in feet relief

Inspired by Hollywood’s beauty in movies and promotional models in magazines and TV, women often pursue half of the life of a perfect dream figure. They feel too thick on a regular basis, and if the balance shows the ideal weight, there is still little to do in the problem areas of the hip, abdomen, legs or buttocks. Achieving her dream figure is also not easy because the media bombarded women with new diets, miracle fat to lose weight and fitness tips that promise an ideal figure.

Woman-being-trained-by-another-woman Gym Workout Routines For Women

So many women are constantly torturing with weight loss methods, practicing with a pink dubbell and aching in the end, if not many. A great time to explain to women how it works. How to do it? Well, the goal of most women tends to be a slim and well-defined body with tight tissue and light muscles. A fit and sexy body, which gives rise to the appreciative gazes of men and makes their friends pale with envy. Anyone who reads this carefully learns how the path to the dream figure looks.

All women who have a distinctive feminine “look of fitness” are slim and have beautiful shapes. Their body fat percentage is usually between 18 and 20 percent and they exercise regularly with weight – and not with a 1.5 kg dumbbell. Being slim and having low body fat percentage above all about nutrition. As explained in this section, you lose weight if you regularly burn more energy than absorb it.

Exercise can certainly have a supportive effect, as it contributes to an increase in energy consumption. However, a strict and beautiful body shape only appears when body fat and congenital muscle unite. That’s right, women should avoid the fear of strength training and muscle building to get closer to their dreams. Many women are afraid of building too much muscle because excessive force exercises look “unfeminine”, but these fears are totally unfounded because the woman’s ability to build muscle mass is basically low.

The reason for this is that androgen testosterone needed for muscle growth is only slightly present at the female hormone level. Anyone who now has bodybuilder muscle bound in mind can assume that they are pumped full with anabolic steroids. Strength training also does not make women bigger, because different from burning fat, muscle formation work locally.

This means that only the muscles trained to grow. If muscles are not supposed to be in the body, you do not train them. Women who lose weight but refrain from strength training in the end, though thin but do not have well-defined shapes. To tighten body shape, exercise should be done according to certain guidelines. Dumbbell training with lots of repetition and low weight – as most women practice – does not do much.

In order to adequately stimulate the muscles and stimulate growth (and ultimately tighten the tissue above it), it should be charged at least 40-50% of the maximum possible weight, which at least one repetition can be done without errors. Higher weights and less repetition! Of course, the weight taken is precisely for weight training differs from woman to woman. Endurance exercises on steppers, cross-trainers, and bicycles, however, only emphasize muscle a little, i. Calories are consumed in this exercise, but nothing is done to improve your muscles.

Treatment approach for type 2 diabetes
Approximately 80-90% of diabetics have obese type 2 diabetes and may be inadequate if non-medical measures such as diet-appropriate diabetes (“diet”) – especially to achieve weight loss – and exercise, are treated with blood sugar lowering tablets. Insulin dosage will be needed here at a later date.
Since type 2 diabetes is a “double” disease, i. There are two causes, namely, innate insulin resistance and insufficient beta-cell weakness for rapid insulin release can be resolved at both stages of disease progression.

diabetes_medikamente_neu_gut_und_wirklich_teuer@1x Drugs Used To Treat Diabetes type 2

In 2000, tablets were first approved in Germany, which directly increases insulin sensitivity of inherited body cells, i. break insulin resistance, On the other hand, in addition to the stimulating agent of insulin secretion that has been used so far, new drugs have been available that release insulin very quickly and for a short time.

Increased insulin sensitivity by so-called “insulin sensitizers”
On the one hand, the fundamental disorder of type 2 diabetes, insulin resistance, is congenital, on the other hand, it can be aggravated again during life with overweight and lack of exercise.
With the thiazolidinediones group, the substance is now available for the first time that penetrates insulin resistance. While the first substance, available in the US and in Japan, troglitazone, was withdrawn from the market due to a rare liver incident, now the “2nd generation” of this preparation group is also used in Germany, which does not create problems with the liver. The thiazolidinediones attack the nucleus of fat, muscle and liver cells in the nuclear receptor, the gamma “Peroxisome Proliferator-Activated Receptor (PPAR)”, and increase the reduced insulin signals. Among other things, protein molecules, called “glucose transporters” are increasingly being formed and brought to the surface of these cells, which then transport sugar from the bloodstream into interior cells. Blood sugar drops and body cells can return to normal function.

Preparations available in Germany since 2000 are Rosiglitazone (trade name Avandia, Glaxo SmithKline) and Pioglitazone (trade name Actos, Takeda). While both preparations are also approved in the US for the treatment of single diabetes, called monotherapy, this does not occur in Germany and Europe in the same way. They may be given in EU countries in addition, if with a sulphonylurea or with a metformin biguanide (see below) metabolism cannot be adequately adjusted or if there is contraindication or intolerance to metformin.

Combinations with US insulin may not be permitted in Germany because of the negative effects on cardiac output observed in the study.

Rapid stimulation of insulin release by Glinide
Another basic flaw in type 2 diabetes is the disruption of insulin secretion, initially especially in the early stages. This abnormality of insulin release can already be detected in hereditary person although there is no interruption of sugar metabolism.
Whereas previously, the stimulating substance of insulin secretion, sulfonylurea, usually acts longer, is now available a substance, called “Glinide”, which releases insulin rapidly and briefly, thereby reducing the rise in blood sugar after meals, which after new can severely damage blood vessels: this new “insulinotropic” does not contain chemical sulfonylureas.
The first product on the German market is Repaglinide, a benzoic acid derivative, the trade name NovoNorm, marketed by Novo Nordisk. Preparation should be done before meals at any time, then release the insulin in a short time and the effect immediately stops. This allows flexibility in eating foods. Whether or not you can eat, you just leave the tablet and there is a bit of hypoglycemia. In particular, nocturnal hypoglycemia in the form of this treatment decreases.
Since 2001, other drugs on the German market, which act much faster, nateglinide (trade names Starlix, Novartis, and Merck). It comes from the dextrorotatory amino acid, D-phenylalanine. Nateglinide is approved in combination with metformin biguanide (see below).

Preparations available before
Among the secretions of insulin-induced sulfonylureas, glimepiride (trade name Amaryl, Aventis company) are usually given only once a day. A slightly lower level of hypoglycemia has been reported, which has been reported more commonly with glibenclamide (trade names Euglucon (Aventis) and others) when used improperly. However, it does not mean that a person no longer uses older sulphonylurea preparations.
A “renaissance” is currently undergoing methanynamin of the biguanide drug, especially “UKPDS”, a long-term study in the UK that has produced excellent results in overweight type 2 diabetics in preventing heart attacks and other diabetes complications with metformin.
Finally, there are also Acarbose alpha-glucosidase inhibitors (trade names Glucobay, Bayer) and Miglitol (trade name Diastabol, Sanofi-Synthelabo) available, which is well tolerated by patients in the gastrointestinal tract, as well as reduction of blood sugar, especially peaks after meals, effects.

Currently, we have more options for “customized” and differentiable therapies for type 2 diabetes.
In many cases, a combination of tablets will be necessary for oral therapy during the course of the disease. Absolutely not necessarily the use of insulin is delayed for too long. Combining more than two or in special cases three tablets brings little or no benefit.
As a rule of thumb, one can remember it: If the fasting blood sugar is above 120 mg/dl / 6.7 mmol / l and HbA1c above 7.0% or above the individual, it also depends on the target age value, then each should upgrade to the next therapeutic stage. which, in the case of prior use of two (or at most three) hypoglycemic tablets is a combination therapy of oral antidiabetes with insulin or single insulin therapy against conventionally modified insulin therapy with multiple insulin injections per day.

For more information about Drugs Used To Treat Diabetes please visit twisted-vine.com

There are many ways to treat back pain, but it is more common for them to develop into a chronic condition. How does it fit together? The answer to this is obvious, considering that chronic pain always affects the WHOLE person, his body AND his psyche. In this article, we explain the connection between psychic factors and chronic back pain.
Back pain often becomes a chronic condition
Back pain is one of the most common physical complaints of our time. Today, almost everyone has felt his back ever – be it through injury, overuse, lack of exercise or (apparently) simply from “clear sky”.

back-pain-therapy Chronic Back Pain Treatment

In some people, the back pain disappears, at least temporarily, by a little rest, heat treatment or targeted movement. However, in the vast majority of cases, back pain develops into a recurrent problem that, at worst, can become chronic.

If even pain therapies in combination with ultrasound treatments, physiotherapies, massages, etc. do not show a satisfactory effect, many sufferers resign themselves. They try to deal with both the pain and the associated limitations. Ultimately, they find that the back pain becomes their constant companion. But it does not have to come that far.

Instead of curing the sick, the disease is treated
Many physicians are looking for the cause of back pain exclusively in the physical area and therefore the therapies will then also take place only at this level.

From a holistic point of view, however, the physical and psychological (mental) realm of a person are inseparable. Therefore, when determining the cause of a chronic back pain both the physical and the psychological aspect should be considered equally. Only a diagnosis that takes both levels into account enables successful therapy for chronic pain.

In everyday medical practice, it is now generally uncommon to look at a patient as a whole. The disregard of the mental component that underlies every disease of the back is, therefore, the greatest deficit in the treatment of chronic back pain.

Instead of treating the ill person with their physical AND emotional state, only his illness is in focus. But that was not always so.

times are changing
In the Middle Ages and in the beginning of modern times, the psyche had a much higher value compared to the body. Therefore, e.g. a Bader, similar to today’s surgeon, was responsible only for the bloody craft, in contrast to the holistically trained doctors, not a high reputation.

Then, in the Renaissance, a rethinking gradually began, whereby the body received more and more attention to the soul. At that time, Descartes, a French philosopher, and scientist coined the following maxim: “Man functions like a machine”.

This thinking was adopted by an ever-increasing number of physicians and finally reached its peak towards the end of the 19th century.

Whereas until the middle of the 19th century the body and the psyche were considered at least predominantly as equal and were thus considered equally in the treatment of sick people, then took place after a serious incision in the healing arts.

The result was the science of natural science, which considered man from now on as a purely physical-chemical or biochemical being. In this limited view, the psyche of man inevitably remains completely unconsidered.

And it was during this time that the doctor, who until then had treated the whole man, became today’s physician, for whom only the illness as such is at the center of his work.

After this short historical excursion, we come back to the topic “back pain” :-).

Back pain due to mental conflicts
The back hurts without ceasing, movements are only possible to a limited extent and the spine bends slowly to the pressure, which weighs on the automatically assumed restraint on her. This is a typical development that occurs in most backache sufferers.

What to do if both conventional medicine and alternative therapies cannot eliminate the back pain?

And what to do if the concrete cause of persistent pain despite the use of imaging techniques such. B. computed tomography, etc. cannot be found?

In these cases, it has to be assumed that the pains are of a psychological nature – caused by mental conflicts. Therefore, in addition to the conventional pain and physiotherapy for chronic back pain always take a psychotherapy, so that the patient can be permanently rid of his pain – first of the mental, then the physical.

So emotional pain becomes physical
Sigmund Freud, a founder of psychoanalysis and the most influential thinker of the 20th century, was the first to argue that physical pain ultimately results from primarily emotional pain. The pain is almost intuitively shifted from the mental realm into the body. This unconscious shift of pain serves to ward off unbearable feelings.

Mourning is z. For many people such a feeling. They can not stand the pain that causes this feeling. They can not handle the loss they suffered and sometimes they can not even mourn it. Instead, they move the pain – completely unconsciously – into the physical area.

Often the emotional pain ends up in the back muscles. The unprocessed (not mourned) loss shows there is more and more agonizing back pain but then can force the person to cry.

Other intense feelings, such as anxiety, depressive mood, feelings of emptiness and meaninglessness or strong guilt feelings are often unconsciously shifted into the body.

By shifting the emotional conflicts there is an (apparent) relief of the psyche because the whole attention is now on the physical pain, such as pain. As the back pain directed.

Many chronic pain patients were able to show that their aggressive behavior was markedly inhibited. And people who suffer from chronic back pain can be expected to suppress their aggression and thereby unconsciously move into the physical area.

Not only does this avoid the intense and unpleasant feeling of aggression, it also avoids the conflicts of conscience and self-blame associated with this feeling.

This is an (unconscious) strategy, which consequently brings with it three different emotional tensions: aggression, the conflict of conscience and self-reproach.

As a result, every state of pain always includes meaningful information from the psychic realm. The affected person wants to make himself more or less aware of his emotional conflicts through his physical pain.

However, since the process of conflict relocation is completely unconscious, this information is rarely heard.

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