Best Way To Relieve Back Pain

Best Way To Relieve Back Pain-One of the most disturbing health problems of many people is back pain. For urban people who tend not to move much and can spend all day in a sitting position, then the risk of getting back pain problems is quite high. Luckily, a recent study in the United States was able to find the most effective way to overcome back pain. What does that look like?


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How to overcome this back pain is already quite often we do, namely by using massage therapy. In this study, it was found that more than half of the participants involved had a better effect on their backs after receiving massage therapy. Some participants even admitted if because of doing this therapy, then they can now perform activities that were previously difficult to do because of the back pain. For information, in this study, participants received 10 massage sessions performed by a licensed therapist.

Niki Munk’s health expert, who is from the School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences of Indiana University & Purdue University, says that while it seems trivial, in reality not many people believe that massage therapy can overcome their back pain problem. In fact, by doing massage therapy regularly, then the problem of chronic low back pain can be overcome effectively.

Despite finding an effective way to deal with back pain, Munk and his team are still trying to do more in-depth research to find out what treatments can be done so that back pain problems can be completely treated. According to Munk, chronic low back pain is apparently a fairly complex disease that is interesting enough to be studied more deeply.

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