Cryotherapy For Back Pain

A. Understanding Cryotherapy

Cryotherapy For Back Pain-(cold therapy) is the use of cold to treat pain or other health disorders. Cold therapy can be used in several ways, such as using ice or Cold Baths.


This therapy is used when the inflammatory response is still very real (acute injury). Cold therapy is the use of cold to treat pain and reduce other inflammatory symptoms. The term cryotherapy is used for the use of extreme cold therapy, usually using nitrogen liquid used as anesthetic-analgesia. In cold therapy, therapeutic modalities are used to absorb the temperature of the tissues so that there is a decrease in the temperature of the tissue through the conduction mechanism.

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The cooling effect that occurs depends on the type of cold therapy application, the duration of therapy and the providence. Basically, in order for the therapy to be effective, localized injuries should be able to lower the temperature in sufficient time. The essence of cold therapy is to absorb the calories of the local area of the injury resulting in a decrease in temperature.

Related to this, the type of therapy with wet ice therapy is more effective to lower the temperature than ice in the packaging considering that in this condition more calories the body used to melt ice the longer the therapy time, penetration of the cold deeper. In general, cold therapy at a temperature of 3.5 / C for 10 minutes can affect the temperature up to 4cm below the skin. muscle tissue with high water content is a good conductor while the Atty tissue is a temperature insulator that inhibits cold penetration

Application Type

1.Es Or Ice PackS
Ice in the use of therapy should not be in direct contact with skin and used with such protection with a towel. The indication of ice therapy is on the local muscle such as tendon, bursae, and parts Myofacial trigger point. Treatment is usually given for 10 to 20 minutes.

2.Vapocoolant Spray

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