Ice For Back Pain Relief

Ice For Back Pain-Back pain is a common problem experienced by all ages. Causes may vary, including sprained or attracted muscles, problems with spinal discs, arthritis, or perhaps just improper sitting positions. Most cases of back pain will improve after several weeks with home treatment, including using ice to help alleviate the discomfort comfortable.


Although the benefits of using ice to relieve back injuries are not supported by clear scientific evidence, compressing ice onto the back or a back massage with ice may help relieve pain and reduce inflammation.

Compressing Ice on the Back

1. Prepare an ice pack. If you have back pain and want to use an ice pack to relieve it, you can either make an ice pack or buy it. You can use commercial ice bags as well as frozen veggie bags to help relieve discomfort and reduce inflammation

2. Wrap an ice pack with a towel or cloth. Before using it, wrap an ice pack with a towel or cloth. This layer will not only prevent skin numb but will also protect it from frostbite.

3. Find a comfortable place to provide care. You should feel comfortable while compressing the ice to your back. Finding a comfortable place to lie down or sit can help you relax, relieve discomfort, and benefit fully from ice packs.

4. Put the ice pack on your back. Once you feel comfortable, place the ice pack on the back of the pain. This step may be able to immediately relieve pain and reduce the inflammation that makes you more uncomfortable.

5. Combine ice with pain reliever. Try using a pain reliever free with ice cream treatments. Using both may be able to relieve pain more quickly and also help control inflammation.

6. Continue treatment for several days. Ice is most effective to relieve the back pain a few days after you first feel it. Continue to apply ice packs until you no longer feel pain, or visit your doctor if your back pain does not improve

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