Lower Back Pain Medicine

The lower back is one of the vulnerable parts of the body, as it moves back and forth, side by side, and rotates while maintaining the weight of the upper body at the same time. When we hear about low back pain, we usually think of a disc problem called “intervertebral disc herniation.” But the account is not more than 10% of the cases. Low back pain is often accompanied by sciatica that radiates pain in the hips and legs.


When we feel pain in the lower back, we can go to the doctor to perform an x-ray, a CT scan or an MRI, and we can receive conservative treatment and physiotherapy, or even surgery in severe cases. But even if we have surgery, back pain can easily happen again. At that time people tend to come to acupuncture clinics.

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Oriental Medicine The treatment of low back pain focuses on the underlying problem that causes current symptoms, as with other health problems. In most cases, I see clinically, lower back pain occurs due to the weakening of the tendons and ligaments around the spine, and in cases of parental degeneration in the spine and also. What I focus on during treatment is a diagnostic problem about why these tendons and ligaments are weakened. Even if two patients come to see me with low back pain in the same place, the cause may be different.

For example, in people with chronic gastrointestinal disorders, poor treatment of back pain must first overcome digestive problems or at the same time with the treatment of low back pain. This is because indigestion causes the generation of qi and bad blood, which they cannot feed on the tendons and ligaments. Or in the case of someone with an easy temper of stress; The treatment should focus on the liver and control stress, as well as treat lower back pain. Then, the eastern treatment approach treats the root cause of the symptoms, which prevents the recurrence of the disease.

All low back pain is associated with blood and blood circulation in the lower back. I usually see the lack of Qi and blood or stagnant anomalies and blood in the lower back, and internally it is directly related to the function of 5 visceral organs and 6. If we normalize this, the muscles and tendons of the whole body (including the lower part of the back) will become stronger, at which point the pain in the lower back should heal and rarely reappear. As an additional benefit, other general discomforts will also improve, such as neck, shoulder and knee pain, chronic fatigue syndrome, cold hands, and feet, etc.

If someone with pain in the lower back comes first to the Eastern medical clinic from the beginning, the lower back pain can be cured without surgery. The treatment of low back pain takes 1 to 6 months with acupuncture treatment and may require the application of herbs at the same time.

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