Lower Back Pain Solutions

Lower Back Pain Solutions-In the midst of your busy every day, of course, you ever feel pain or pain in the back due to physical fatigue.

Pain in the back is very disturbing especially if it lasts long and accompanied by pain or even muscle cramps.


Almost everyone has experienced back problems at a certain age. This is because muscle tone and strength tend to decrease with age so that the back is more susceptible to injury.

The increasing age makes the spine rigid, the spine disk becomes worn, and the spinal space narrows, thus making the bones rub against.

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This condition is common but should not cause pain or disturbing pain.

If we know how to handle the pain or back pain, the severity of the increase in pain will be avoided.

Actually, back pain is a very normal body response because when the back starts to ache, it indicates it’s time for the body to rest to prevent further injury.
Addressing the underlying cause
Treatment of lower back pain depends on the cause. Here are some treatment options that can be done:

Pain relief medicine. For example, acetaminophen or ibuprofen can help relieve pain for the short term. Always consult the dose and duration of this drug with your doctor. In addition, pain relief can also be a cream or ointment that is applied directly at the location that feels pain.

The administration of drugs such as antidepressants or some narcotics to treat chronic back pain should always be under the supervision of a physician.
Injections of anti-inflammatory or corticosteroid-type drugs may be given if the spinal pain is spread to the leg and does not work with other painkillers. For example, cortisone injections will help reduce inflammation around the nerve roots that help ease the temporary pain.

This action is the last option if other treatments do not work or the pain gets worse, so the sufferer cannot sleep or move. A common surgical procedure is a discectomy (the part of the disc located between the raised spine) so that the disc does not continue to press on the spinal cord and spinal fusion (two or more spinal bones are combined to stabilize the spine and reduce pain).

However, this surgery has a risk of serious complications, such as nerve damage near the area of operation or even paralysis.
In addition, there are also several alternatives that can be done to ease the pain of the lower spine such as yoga or acupuncture. Always consult your doctor for the method.

For those of you who have lower back pain, keep trying to move actively to help recovery. However, do the movement without haste and do not force the body.

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