Menopause And Back Pain

Menopause And Back Pain-The factors the causes of back pain are relatively quite a lot, among other diseases of the internal organs (kidney programs or stomach), or blockage in the blood vessels, the arrangement of the spine is slightly shifted, nerves, muscles, and causes a psychic. Pain or back pain in women experiencing menopause is usually closely related to the condition of the spine.

The arrangement of the bones at the back of man is very complex, orderly, fitting height, and there are nerve endings that came out between sections of bone. Backbone structure differs from the structure of the bone-dry because it is looser and more hollow. As with any concrete pillars, bone got order known as the matrix. Throughout our lives, the structure of the order of the bone is formed and destroyed again rep the atedly. Order on bone is formed by cells called the osteoblast and osteoclast cells are destroyed by it. Osteoblast and osteoclast cells are cells that live inside bones.

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In times of growth, development of bone structure faster than the process of penghancurannya so that any body getting high and great. The rate of speed the growth of bone is also highly influenced by the so called growth hormones (growth hormone). Since the age of more than 20 years, the rate of speed the growth of bone in women compared to start dropping.

And at the age of 30 years, the process of destruction of the bones more and often happens so that bone begin to experience the process of porous. When the woman entering menopause, hormone production in the body to estrogen decline. In fact, the hormone estrogen greatly affects the performance of osteoblast and osteoclast. Pengeroposan will also be getting great and all-consuming.

When the bone starts mengeropos, the nerves spread under the vertebrae become resistant to a wide range of pressure, so it would appear the pain. When the process of pengeroposan worse, then that will happen is the bone could dent or shrinking. Inevitably the pain inflicted will be heavier. But the only complaint on menopausal women usually are not equal to each other, either from the type of complaint or intensitasnya. There is indeed a pain that felt pretty ‘ heavy ‘, there is also a ‘ light ‘.

Strive to prevent bone pengeroposan, one of the effort so that the bone is not prone to porous and can give rise to pain is consuming calcium intake since a young age. With the large number of ‘ savings ‘ intake of calcium this will determine to bone density. In other words, the more solid bones, eating will be more robust and to avoid the process of porous.

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