Natural Remedies For Lower Back Pain

Natural Remedies For Lower Back Pain-Pain or back pain is a common problem that often occurs in adults. Many factors cause back pain, such as sports injuries, poor posture, and other health problems. To cure this disease, you can try some natural ways to treat back pain in the following discussion:

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1. Garlic
Garlic can be used as the home remedy to relieve back pain. The content contained in garlic is believed to be a natural remedy to cure pain in many parts of the human body. For its own use, it is quite easy, you only need to eat two to three cloves of garlic directly.

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In addition to consuming, you can also process garlic into a cream. How to cut one clove of garlic, then mixed with mustard oil. Rub the herb cream onto the sore back area.

2. Potatoes
The natural way to treat back pain next is to use potatoes. There are several nutrients found in potatoes that can fight back pain, including the back area. How to use it is very easy, you just need to mash the previously boiled potatoes. Sprinkle the potato potion into the back area while still warm.

3. Honey
Honey is an herbal remedy that can be used to treat many diseases, including back pain. To use honey as a back pain medication, you can simply mix it with a drink or food to be consumed. Later natural sugar in honey will help relieve pain in the lower back.

4. Massage

Massaging is a natural way of treating other back pain that you can try. As we all know, massaging is a technique of traditional medicine that has been trusted for a long time. By using professional massage services, the muscles in your back will return to work properly and the pain and tension will disappear.

5. Ginger
Ginger is a living pharmacy plant that is very famous for its anti-inflammatory compounds. The compounds studied have many benefits, including to relieve back pain. Especially if the pain is caused by inflamed muscles.

To process it, you can make ginger into herbs or you can buy herbal medicine sore. In addition, you can also mix the herb with honey to increase the usefulness. Consumption of herbs on a regular basis.

The pillows are warm
Using hot water bags can also ease back pain. In addition, put a warm pad on the back of the body can also relax the muscles, so stiff and stiff disappear.

The natural way to treat the last back pain in this discussion is with exercise. Usually, people who have excess body weight have a risk of getting bigger back pain. Therefore, it is wise for you who have excess weight to lower it. You can start a sport by doing small gymnastics or aerobics. If you’re used to it, you can exercise more severe, such as running, lifting weights and swimming.

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