Over The Counter Back Pain Medicine

Over The Counter Back Pain Medicine-Most lumbar pains on the right and left sides to heal themselves. So far, there are no magic pills for such problems. Someone with such problems should not simply resort to treatment. Instead, it is mandatory that a person participates in the exercise, take care of themselves and try to avoid bad posture at all times. The most effective treatment for low back pain is physical exercise and, in most cases, a cure for low back pain should only be done as a secondary action.

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Most treatments are recommended for back pain

Analgesics: used only with sudden and powerful pain. They are taken mainly for a short time of up to 2 weeks. They are easily recognized by them, but with proper care, very rarely. People who experience chronic pain report that they have been using the pain reliever for a longer period of time.


Botox: still being investigated but confirmed that injecting Botox into the muscles of the lower back helps with chronic pain

Steroid injections: sometimes prescribed for pain in the lower back; Exercise is mandatory to obtain better results.

Anti-inflammatory treatment: there are several types that depend on the inflammation that a person has. The most common are acetaminophen and. For mild inflammation, you can get aspirin.

Sedation or muscle relaxation: this helps reduce lower muscle spasms. There may also be some side effects such as fatigue and drowsiness.

Conclusion for the treatment of lower pain
As you can see, there are no magic pills for low back pain and all the drugs described above should only be used as a secondary action. In addition, each person is different and everyone reacts differently to different types of drugs. If what you are wearing does not work, talk to your doctor. I will repeat it again, a cure for low back pain should only be the most important and effective secondary treatment is physical exercise.

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