Relief From Lower Back Pain

Relief From Lower Back Pain-Low back pain is one of the most common medical complaints in the United Kingdom. In fact, the majority of the population will be affected by it in their life.


Symptoms usually involve excessive mobility of the back and back pain. However, you may be surprised to learn that back problems can also cause symptoms in other areas of the body (referred to as referred pain), such as hips, feet (called sciatica), thighs, groin, and buttocks.

Causes of lower back pain

There are many causes of low back pain including weight-lifting; usually bent or folded; bad posture; period of sitting, driving or prolonged standing; repeated use of muscles (often through exercise); more stretching; rotate and more

Sometimes, this action can cause the area of ​​the spine to harden, causing tension. This area can become a focus to increase stress and reduce back pain.

How can Osteopathy help?

Osteopathy is recognized by the NHS and NICE (National Institute of Health and Excellence in Care) as an effective treatment for low back pain. The treatment is different for each patient, but may include techniques such as various types of soft tissue massages and joint articulations to release tension, stretch muscles, help relieve pain and mobilize joints.

During your first visit to Active Healthcare Clinic, we will take the time to really understand your problem and develop a treatment plan for low back pain. We can also advise on lower back exercises that you can do at home (if applicable) to reduce the symptoms of your lower back pain.

If you suffer from low back pain or think you may have referred pain symptoms, do not hesitate to contact the initial consultation.

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