Tens Therapy For Back Pain

Tens Therapy For Back Pain-Does Ten-Year Therapy Work for Pain Pain?
In summary, the jury still does not know if TENS therapy works for back pain or not.


According to WebMD, there is little research to show that the use of a TENS unit will help relieve chronic back pain. In fact, Richard Dubinsky, M.D. Stated that “doctors are advised not to order TENS of patients with chronic low back pain because it does not work.”

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It is said that the US National Library of Medicine. UU He reports that the reason for TENS therapy remains controversial due to individual pain conditions, such as low back pain, since the studies done so far are small and poorly designed.

The reason why many patients expect this treatment to work may be due to the fact that it does not interact with the medication and has only a few side effects. Also, this is a cheap therapy method that can be done at home.

Some people use it as a last resort before attempting a more invasive surgical treatment, in the hope that partial pain relief is better than none.

At the heart of TENS therapy is the ability to stimulate nerves, which in turn can block pain signals. It can also cause the stimulated nerves to produce natural analgesics.

While this is a great technology, there are several issues to consider that include:
Of Use only TENS for the reasons specified by your doctor and tell him immediately if your condition changes.
• Do not leave the electrodes on the skin for long periods without controlling the skin.
• If you have a rash or burns when the electrode is placed, stop using TENS therapy and contact a health professional.
• Do not use TENS on the damaged or irritated skin.
• Do not use the device together with heating or cold packing.

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