Types of Tableware You Can Buy

gif;base64,R0lGODlhAQABAAAAACH5BAEKAAEALAAAAAABAAEAAAICTAEAOw== Types of Tableware You Can BuyFor families, there’s nothing more enjoyable and pleasurable than sitting down together and enjoying a scrumptious meal. A well-planned and well-executed table setting will definitely enhance the experience. And there’s no other way to achieve this than to have the right tableware on hand. From timeless white pieces to quirky and fun designs, there is something out there that would suit your family’s personality and your home’s theme. There are also accessories and decorations to choose from like tea lights would contribute to the ambiance.

Tableware, or crockery as it is called in the UK, has four broad categories: silverware or flatware, dinnerware, serving ware, and glassware. Most of us don’t have to have every kind of tableware for daily use but for special occasions, we may need to bring out or even purchase some more pieces than the usual.


Flatware is also known as silverware and includes cutlery like spoons, teaspoons, soupspoons, forks, and bread knives. We use these to cut our food into bite-sized pieces. They are usually made of stainless steel and may vary in shape, size, and design depending on the brand and variety.For more formal and elaborate settings, you may see a butter knife, steak knife, and salad fork, and dessertspoon.


Dinnerware refers to tableware that is used to serve personal portions during mealtime. The term includes the basic plates, bowls, and saucers to more specialized pieces like soup bowls and dipping dishes that are designed for a particular purpose

.Dinnerware is also commonly known as china and is typically made of ceramic. Depending on the occasion, a formal arrangement of dinnerware may be necessary.

Serving Ware

This refers to bigger and more specialized tableware that is used for serving and bringing food to the table. Some examples are gravy boats, dessert bowls, and salad bowls, serving bowls, soup pots, and casseroles. All of these hold big portions of food that is ready for serving. In a buffet setup, it isn’t uncommon to see tea lights under big food trays and serving bowls to keep the food warm.

Utensils, such as tongs, ladles, and serving spoons, also fall under this category. Drinks containers like pitchers, teapots, and carafes also belong to the category of serving ware.

Drinkware or Glassware Drinkware, as the name suggests, is anything that is used to drink from. Cups, glasses, and mugs belong to this category.

Drinkware has two sub-categories: tumblers and stemware. Tumbler refers to flat-bottomed glasses while stemware refers to drinking glasses that are mounted on a stem that stands above a wide base. As you can see, the quality, number, and kind of tableware vary depending on occasions and lifestyles. Whether they are used on ordinary days, for birthdays, or for formal sit-down dinners, there are different types of tableware to suit each event. From white bone china to patterned earthenware, the type of tableware that you choose is truly a reflection of your lifestyle and your home’s personality.More from French Connection Homeware

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