Upper Back Muscle Pain Relief

Upper Back Muscle Pain Relief-Back pain is the most common illness that causes employees to lose their working hours-more often than other work disorders. And the most common complaints felt by men who suffer from back pain is the pain in the lower back. One of the most common health problems suffered by men is a health disorder of the back. Maybe you’ve had back pain. And if not, someday maybe you will experience it. It is estimated that 80% of adult Americans suffer from back pain at certain points during their lifetime.


The pain of back and lower back pain arises from problems in one part of the bones that blend with the muscles, tendons, ligaments, nerves, and discs as a shock-bearing pad.

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1. scrack
2. light injury
3. the nerves are pinched or irritated
4. muscle tension.

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But sometimes back pain can occur suddenly for no apparent reason. For example, some people who wake up in the morning can suddenly feel back pain without knowing the cause. Here are some other things that can cause back pain:

1. Wrong body position when lifting, carrying, pressing, or pulling something
2. Excessive body shaking
3. The sitting position is not correct
4. Reversing the body suddenly
5. Drive in a long time or in a bent position without pause
6. Repeated movements can trigger excessive muscle work.

How to treat back pain

Diseases that increase the risk for back pain are the infection of the urinary tract or kidney infection. there are problems in kidney organs can have an impact on the emergence of back pain as well. or other bone diseases that can increase the risk of back pain is a disease of pegat, osteoarthritis disease, and also osteoporosis. If back pain is recurring, there will be different levels of pain different from each person.

Back pain can be started from mild, moderate to severe that is difficult to hold. So it is difficult to perform various activities. Therefore, overcoming back pain can be done as early as possible so as not to get worse. Here are some ways to deal with back pain:

1.The active move, overcoming back pain that must first be active move. If the back pain feels better if a lot of moves, because if not a lot of muscle movement can be stiff and will be more severe back pain that is felt. Therefore, to overcome back pain is strongly recommended to actively move.

2.Kompres back, in addition to many moves, to overcome back pain bias by compressing the back. Natural way with back compress using warm water or cold water will help relieve pain. so it would be better if compressing the back while recurring.

3.Kelola stress, one trigger back pain because of being stressed so if you want to lose the pain, then overcome back pain is to manage stress well and also think positive because this way will affect the subconscious also so the pain can quickly disappear.

4.Diet, to overcome back pain is also recommended to diet lose weight because excessive body weight can cause back pain often relapse. so control food intake and healthy foods that need to be consumed.

5.Medicine natural back pain, overcoming unbearable back pain can be by using drugs such as from ginger and honey for natural medicine.

6.Memijat, how to get rid of the first back pain is by massaging. Massaging the back pain is very helpful because back pain can be experienced because of nerves that tighten, therefore when the back pain than should massage the back to further relax the nerve so that the pain will disappear slowly.

7.Medicine natural back pain, how to get rid of a second backache is by taking natural back pain medicine. If the message still feels sick afterward then it can be a natural back pain medicine like honey one of them.

8.Lay, how to get rid of back pain can also lie down, because usually also back pain caused by the exhausted back sitting than from it with lying will help eliminate it.

9. Stretch slowly, how to get rid of other back pain by slowly stretching. Gentle flexing can reduce pain and will also relieve pain slowly. Be more careful in moving the body so as not to cause back pain again.

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