Why HP Printer Drivers Are An Easy Fix

Why HP printer drivers are a simple solution

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If the printer does not print or emits a lot of gibberish, there is probably a problem with the HP printer drivers. If your drivers are damaged or outdated, you will see this. Additionally, you may receive the printer spooler error as a result of corrupted or outdated drivers. Now we will guide you through the repair of your printer.

Could it be computer hardware?

Many printer problems are caused by poorly connected cables. You need to make sure the cables are connected properly. Disconnect the cables from the printer and then reinsert them. Now try using the printer again.

Did not work? The next step is to check the ink cartridges and make sure they are installed properly, otherwise the printer will not print properly. Sometimes your computer will alert you to certain problems with your printer. Nowadays, a paper jam is too often a forerunner of printer problems.

How To Fix Print Spooler Errors?

If you get the infamous print spooler error, there is a quick fix for it. The print spooler is a software that basically stores your upcoming print jobs on your hard disk until they are put in the print queue. Spooling never gets into the queue and therefore never prints. Resetting the print spooler usually resolves this problem.

To reset the print spooler:

Click Start
Click the Control Panel to the right of the menu
Click System and Maintenance
Click Administration
Double-click Services
Right-click on the Service Print Spooler
Click Properties
Click the General tab
Next to “Startup type”, select Automatic
Under “Service status,” you may need to click Start
OK click

If your problem was just a print spooler error, it solves your problem. However, if you have faulty drivers, you need to take additional steps.

To update HP printer drivers

The first step in updating your driver is to know your printer model. It should be marked somewhere there. If you have a hard time finding it, HP has a handy page where you can choose what type of product you have bought and what model it is.

Follow these steps to get the updated driver:

Go to the HP website
Go to Support & Drivers
Enter a product name / product number, enter the model information of your printer, and press Search
Select the one from the list that corresponds to your printer
Select operating system
Download the drivers to a place you will remember

To update your drivers, follow these steps:

Go to start
Go to the Control Panel
System and maintenance
device Manager
Now comes a little guessing game into play. If you have an all-in-one printer, it is under machine vision. I am not sure what it will be like if it is a normal printer. You may need to search a bit to find it. Once you find the printer, double-click on it.
Switch to the Driver tab
Click the Update Driver button
Navigate to the location of the drivers and update the drivers

There have been some technical advances lately that make these steps superfluous. There is new software on the market called Driver Update Software that monitors your hardware and drivers and ensures that you have the latest drivers for your hardware installed at all times. Manually updating your HP printer drivers is a thing of the past. [WD]

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