Various diseases caused by bacteria is a frightening specter for public health. Having a healthy body must be a hope for everyone, but the hope is not always in line with the reality of human life. Modern life with a variety of unhealthy lifestyles of his community is enough to be the reason with the many spreading diseases caused by less healthy lifestyle.

image Diseases Caused by Bacteria in Humans

Bacteria are microorganisms without cell nuclear membranes which have a good role for humans but can also play a bad role which can lead to the emergence of various diseases caused by bacteria in humans. Well, for more details can be reviewed the following description.

Diseases Caused by Salmonella and Streptococcus Bacteria

Seeing a little description above, of course, you become more loving, your health, which you have not realized how important health. Bacteria itself is also widely used by humans for food needs and for treatment, but behind goodness, there are also bacteria that need to be aware of its existence that may threaten your health. For more details about the diseases that come from this bacteria than do not miss the full description in this article.

Health is indeed the most valuable treasure for humans. Seeing the importance of this then people should be more aware of the various threats that can also be caused by bacteria that can cause various diseases.

One of them is typhoid which is a disease caused by salmonella typhi bacteria. Maybe the disease is not foreign anymore because it is already a lot of people who suffer. Not only that, there are many other bacteria that you need to be aware of your health and family.

In addition to typhoid fever caused by bacteria, there are many diseases that can be caused by bacteria. Indeed the existence of bacteria is not easily seen so that vigilance to avoid or prevent transmission is very necessary.

One of them you can also begin to study other diseases that could be the origin of bacteria such as diseases caused by streptococcus bacteria. It is very much the presence of bacteria around everyone so healthy and clean life is very necessary to maintain a healthy body.

A disease caused by Treponema Pallidum Bacteria

The importance of health is very necessary to note, especially the modern society who increasingly often consumes ready foods that are quite harmful to the body. Many diseases that come from bacteria, so it is necessary to stay away from where the origin can be from food to the environment around even for people with certain diseases.

Bacterial life is very difficult to detect no doubt if the spread is very liberal which, if left unchecked will cause serious illness. In addition to some names of bacteria that have been described above, there is also a disease caused by treponema pallidum bacteria that you may be experiencing. For detailed information, you can search through books, internet of doctors.

Listening to the above information must make you aware that the presence of bacteria is not always good for the body, but it can be otherwise. Another disease that is also caused by the presence of bacteria is tuberculosis which may be quite dangerous because the transmission is only through a cough or saliva patients.

Not only that, leprosy is also caused by bacteria with the name mycobacterium leprae, as well as dysentery caused by shigella bacteria. The number of types of diseases that come from the bacteria then it is time you start alert for the health of the body. Well, information about the diseases caused by these bacteria may be a valuable lesson to maintain health.

Mushrooms are a name given to a large group of eukaryotes that are also included in the category of microscopic organisms, such as molds and multicellular fungi.

There are thousands of different species of fungi that all have different shapes and characteristics. The fungus is composed of a hard and rigid cell wall and has a bonded core membrane. Mushrooms can not afford photosynthesis because they do not have chlorophyll.

128585622 Skin Diseases Caused By Fungi

Because it has unique characteristics, then the fungus is inserted into its own category. Just like bacteria, there are fungi that have good characteristics and some are actually able to cause disease.

Usually, the fungus invades the outer skin, the scalp is even able to attack and left in the nail. When a person has a weak immune system, such as AIDS, the fungus can attack all parts of his body, can even attack up to the oral cavity.

Mushrooms can cause disease in humans. Diseases caused by fungi in humans are commonly referred to as mycosis. Mikosis itself is divided into two types, namely superficial mikosis and systemic mycosis.

Superficial mikosis is a fungus attack that occurs in the skin, nails, and hair, which is generally caused by the fungus Trichophyton, Microsporum, and Epidermophyton. While systemic mycosis is a fungal attack that occurs on the inside of the body, such as subcutaneous tissue, kidneys, lungs, oral mucosa, heart, and vagina.

Various diseases caused by fungi in humans, including:

Tinea capitis
Tinea capitis is a fungal infection that generally attacks the scalp and hair. Tinea capitis is caused by mycrosporum fungus and Trichophyton attack.

Symptoms of tinea capitis, including scalp itch, hair looks dull and easily broken. The disease is transmitted through the use of comb and hair clippers. Severe infections can cause edematous and festering.

Maduromycosis is known by the athlete’s foot disease because the disease generally occurs on the feet of an athlete or sportsman who is often in a humid state. Maduromycosis is caused by the fungus Allescheris boydii, Cephalosporium falciforme, Madurella mycetomi and Madurella grisea.

Symptoms will arise hot itching, skin peeling, easily scratched and injured and cause unpleasant odors. This disease can be contagious if you walk barefoot in an area that has been contaminated with fungi causing the disease.

This disease is a type of systemic mycosis that is able to reach the lungs and is caused by the fungus Coccidioides immitis. Symptoms are almost similar to pneumonia, a cough sometimes accompanied and not accompanied by phlegm.

Coccidioides immitis fungus can fly in the air. The disease is transmitted through the air that has been contaminated with the inhaled fungus.

This disease is a disease caused by the fungus Sporotrichum schenckii. Symptoms will arise like a lump on the bottom of the skin that will grow and become inflamed. Then the network will experience death to form ulcus. Lumps will also form along the lymph tissue.

This fungus is transmitted by direct contact to people with sporotrichosis or by using a towel or towel of a person with sporotrichosis.