Make protein shakes you – fast & easy
The ready-to-eat protein shakes are very popular with athletes and figure-conscious, but they do not always meet everyone’s taste and are boring in the long run. With the right ingredients, conventional protein shakes can be spiced up in terms of taste. Discover our recipes and interesting tips on how to prepare egg whites to your personal taste!

How-Protein-ShakesHelp-with-Weight-Loss Protein Shake Recipes For Weight Loss

Muscle building or protein diet?
High-quality protein shakes are the perfect protein source before or after intensive training, as a snack or as a quick energy source for on the go. Such homemade protein shakes can be prepared from a variety of protein-rich ingredients, but can also be made with special protein powders.

Do you want to sustainably build muscle with tasty protein shakes? Now find the muscle building product that suits your needs.

Or you want to lose a few pounds, then a protein diet might just be right for you! Learn more about protein intake and reduced carbohydrate intake, without losing muscle, in our Guidance Protein Diet. Just create delicious protein shakes to lose weight.

Make a protein shake you – how it works!
There is no firm rule for the perfect protein shake recipe. Above all, many natural ingredients, healthy nutrients, and a great taste are important. Here is an overview of the most important ingredients for making your own protein shake:

1. protein
As already described, a high-quality protein is very important for the perfect protein shake recipe. In addition to the protein powders, you should also add the right natural proteins. Whether lean quark, cottage cheese, natural yogurt, milk or plant drinks, the selection of different sources of protein is great. Anything that tastes good and gives you an extra portion of protein is allowed.

2. Fruit</stron

Fruits not only provide you with the necessary energy in the form of carbohydrates, but also contain important vitamins and minerals.

Decisive here too is which goal you are pursuing. With protein shakes lose weight, you should be careful not to take too much sugar from fruits to you. Rather, prefer to fall back on a low-sugar variant, such as raspberries or blueberries or reduce their share or leave sugary fruit altogether.

But if you want to build muscle, there’s nothing against a sugary post-workout snack to replenish your reserves. Because after an intense workout, your muscles need energy for regeneration and before training for maximum training success. Here are no limits to your homemade protein shake. Whether fresh or frozen fruit, you can use everything you like. Whether bananas, mangoes, apples or berries or the combination of different fruits, perfect your protein shake recipe to your taste!

3. vegetables
Sweet was yesterday! If you prefer a hearty meal or a low sugar, you can simply use vegetables instead of fruits. Vegetables are not only ideal for a protein shake to lose weight, but also provides many vitamins, minerals, and fiber. Again, your taste alone decides. To make a protein shake you, the following vegetables or their combinations are suitable: beetroot, carrots, spinach, green leaf lettuce, cucumber, tomato, avocado or even cabbage and to refine parsley. Also ideal for a low carb protein shake or a protein shake without sugar!

4. Fiber & Nutrients
If you want to boost your protein shake with other nutrients or increase your ballast off in a weight-loss diet, we have some tips for you. Because this is perfect: nuts, linseeds, oats, amaranth, psyllium husks, coconut oil or even various nutmeg, such as almond. Even so-called Superfoods can provide you with high-quality nutrients. Chia seeds or goji berries do not only look great, they also give your homemade protein drink the finishing touch.

5. Sweeteners and spices
For more sweetness can, on the one hand, sugar substitutes, such as honey, agave syrup or coconut blossom sugar provide.

Spices provide a special taste. Turmeric, ginger or pepper provides the right spiciness and mint ensures freshness. Of course, you can also use the classic vanilla for your right note.

If you want to save calories with your home-made protein shakes, then grab the innovative Flavor Drops. Behind these helpful novelties spills liquid food flavor sweetened by a sweetener (mostly sucralose). Perfect for a strong sweetening power, but they contain no calories, no sugar, and no fat. Want to lose weight with a protein shake? Then try it out!

Now you have all the information to make your own perfect protein shake. Because for every protein shake recipe is: cut small pieces, off in the mixer and ready!

Just try it out and you’ll see, making protein shakes yourself is easy. Feel like? Then forget about training and your protein shake!

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Various diseases caused by bacteria is a frightening specter for public health. Having a healthy body must be a hope for everyone, but the hope is not always in line with the reality of human life. Modern life with a variety of unhealthy lifestyles of his community is enough to be the reason with the many spreading diseases caused by less healthy lifestyle.

image Diseases Caused by Bacteria in Humans

Bacteria are microorganisms without cell nuclear membranes which have a good role for humans but can also play a bad role which can lead to the emergence of various diseases caused by bacteria in humans. Well, for more details can be reviewed the following description.

Diseases Caused by Salmonella and Streptococcus Bacteria

Seeing a little description above, of course, you become more loving, your health, which you have not realized how important health. Bacteria itself is also widely used by humans for food needs and for treatment, but behind goodness, there are also bacteria that need to be aware of its existence that may threaten your health. For more details about the diseases that come from this bacteria than do not miss the full description in this article.

Health is indeed the most valuable treasure for humans. Seeing the importance of this then people should be more aware of the various threats that can also be caused by bacteria that can cause various diseases.

One of them is typhoid which is a disease caused by salmonella typhi bacteria. Maybe the disease is not foreign anymore because it is already a lot of people who suffer. Not only that, there are many other bacteria that you need to be aware of your health and family.

In addition to typhoid fever caused by bacteria, there are many diseases that can be caused by bacteria. Indeed the existence of bacteria is not easily seen so that vigilance to avoid or prevent transmission is very necessary.

One of them you can also begin to study other diseases that could be the origin of bacteria such as diseases caused by streptococcus bacteria. It is very much the presence of bacteria around everyone so healthy and clean life is very necessary to maintain a healthy body.

A disease caused by Treponema Pallidum Bacteria

The importance of health is very necessary to note, especially the modern society who increasingly often consumes ready foods that are quite harmful to the body. Many diseases that come from bacteria, so it is necessary to stay away from where the origin can be from food to the environment around even for people with certain diseases.

Bacterial life is very difficult to detect no doubt if the spread is very liberal which, if left unchecked will cause serious illness. In addition to some names of bacteria that have been described above, there is also a disease caused by treponema pallidum bacteria that you may be experiencing. For detailed information, you can search through books, internet of doctors.

Listening to the above information must make you aware that the presence of bacteria is not always good for the body, but it can be otherwise. Another disease that is also caused by the presence of bacteria is tuberculosis which may be quite dangerous because the transmission is only through a cough or saliva patients.

Not only that, leprosy is also caused by bacteria with the name mycobacterium leprae, as well as dysentery caused by shigella bacteria. The number of types of diseases that come from the bacteria then it is time you start alert for the health of the body. Well, information about the diseases caused by these bacteria may be a valuable lesson to maintain health.

Now more and more are trying to apply a healthy lifestyle, including exercising regularly. One of them is to find the benefits of fitness in the gym with various facilities available.

Basically, the sports that need to be done while in the gym consists of three basic exercises: aerobics, muscle formation or development, and flexibility.

img_hero-weight_spotting Benefits of Fitness In The Gym

Each type of exercise has different effects on the body. The required balance of all three to get the benefits of fitness in the gym optimally.

Basic aerobic exercise

Aerobic exercise that you can do in the gym is very diverse, ranging from running on a treadmill, using a static bike, or swimming. This type of exercise has a variety of benefits, including increased body stamina, dispel the flu, control blood sugar, and even effective to strengthen the heart work system.

In addition, regular aerobics can also prevent various diseases, such as high blood pressure, heart disease, obesity, type 2 diabetes, stroke, and some cancers. The study concluded that individuals who do aerobic exercise routinely have a longer life than those who do not.

Basic exercises for muscle formation

The formation or building of muscles in the body can be done through weight training in the gym. The process is also at the same time able to maintain weight loss. When you are diligent in lifting weights, there will be more muscle build up and less body fat, thus improving your health and fitness level.

Doing exercises that build body strength in the gym at the same time can help confidence. Thanks to the muscles that form on the body, lets you use a smaller size of clothing, although the weight loss is not too much.

Basic exercise flexibility

For flexibility training in the gym, you can take advantage of yoga classes, pilates, belly dancing and others. This exercise can improve stability and balance, while improving the condition of the joints in the body.

Unfortunately flexibility training is rarely done by men who are more likely to train the upper body. Though the benefits derived from this type of exercise also vary.

Supported Structured Environment
Doing sports in the gym will be especially useful if done regularly. A well structured environment is expected to motivate you to be more enthusiastic about exercising.

A person who is used to fitness in the gym can give him the opportunity to have friends to exercise, especially with the special training classes. Can also when you run on a treadmill, not impossible to meet other people who can motivate each other.

In addition, by exercising in the gym can make you more focused. When someone is exercising at home, there may be distractions.

Sports equipment with a variety of functions can be obtained by someone as a fitness supporter at the gym than at home. The gym also gives you the advantage to practice with personal instructor guides that can help achieve the goal of exercising more precisely. In addition, you can also use various fitness and health applications from mobile phones.

If you have a special health condition, consult your doctor about your exercise plan at the gym. Then talk it over to your instructor at the gym to avoid the things that can pose a risk.

Maintaining a healthy body is very important, By staying healthy, then the activities we do can run smoothly and in accordance with our expectations. With healthy too, then we do not have to spend time and expenses to buy drugs or go to the hospital. So we should always be grateful to the health favors provided by God Almighty. And here are some key successes that you can do to keep your immune system:

be-strong-as-you-age-02 The Key to Keeping the Body Healthy

1.Positive Thinking
“Men Sana In Corpore Sano” is a Latin meaning “In a healthy body there is a strong soul”. That means in a healthy body there is a calm and healthy soul as well. So always try to think positive about everything that hit us, always remember every problem there must be a solution.

2.Rest your Body
Fatigue after a day of activity is one of the causes of decreased immunity. So, resting your body is a good way to get rid of that fatigue.

3.Exercise regularly
Try to exercise regularly every morning. It aims to maintain the condition of the body in order to always fit and healthy.

4.Eat Fiber Food
Eat fibrous foods like apples, carrots, or nuts every day. It aims to keep your body from attacking bacteria. Do not forget, always make sure the food you eat is hygienic (already washed or cooked with a perfect mature).

5.Eat Fairly Portion
Health tips on this one are often underestimated, but actually very influential on health. Eating at a reasonable portion is highly recommended to keep your body healthy. Because if you are overweight will be exposed to the risk of heart disease, diabetes, and stroke.

6.Meet the Needs of Vitamin D
Vitamin D serves to stimulate immune cells to dispel viruses and bacteria. Find this vitamin in sunlight, eggs, liver, and fish to keep your body healthy.

7.Drinking Water
Fulfill the necessary fluid requirements in the body with healthy water. Eight glasses of water per day are the amount that you must meet to meet the needs of fluids in the body.

The last health tip is to smile. It is easiest to do and it is highly recommended to be able to boost your immune system. In addition to physical health, smiling is also useful for your spiritual health.

That’s some key to success you can do to keep your body healthy so it can avoid various diseases. Hopefully, by reading the key to success of this health, you will be more aware of the importance of healthy living from now on.

Enjoying the fresh air, making the body fitter, what else can be gained from the sport? This physical activity is very risky to be abandoned. The body needs to move to maximize its function and exercise is an easy way that can be done. Good for small children, adults up to the elderly still need sports to support health.

o-YOGA-SIDE-ANGLE-facebook 5 Benefits of Sports For Body Health

What is the benefit of this sport itself for the body? Get the complete information as follows:

1.Keep away from various diseases
The first benefit of exercise is to increase the immune system so as not to get sick easily. Kathleen Zelman, MPH, RD, LD, WebMD health director, explains when the body sports will be freer to move. This will trigger the process of metabolism and blood circulation becomes more smoothly. The result is a healthier body and strong and not susceptible to disease.

2.Make the body more robust
Movements made during exercise stimulate all parts of the body to be more flexible. Body muscles also become more elastic and not stiff. For sports, children are very important to support his posture. According to Kathleen, children who regularly exercise since childhood will have a sturdy posture and not bent while walking.

3.Stimulate ideal growth
When the body is used for activities, calories in it will burn more perfect. Kathleen explains this calorie will be processed into energy as a whole without any remaining and potentially cause body fat pile. The body gets a sufficient supply of nutrients to smooth the process of growth and development ideally.

4.Improved thinking power
In addition to physical benefits to the body, Kathleen again explained if regular exercise also has a good role to improve the child’s mind. The fruits of physical activity done routinely to make the brain more adequate nutrition intake. The brain develops regularly and makes your child smarter when the learning process arrives.

5.Increase your appetite
This kind of goodness is probably what the little one really needs. Movements made when exercising stimulate the digestive organs are also actively moving. Digestive organs will work more optimally to adjust the energy needs of the body. Food that enters the stomach will be processed in its entirety and make your baby finally hungry. He will eat a more voracious variety of healthy dishes that you have served. Thus the last explanation Kathleen Zelman who is also a nutritionist.

Mushrooms are a name given to a large group of eukaryotes that are also included in the category of microscopic organisms, such as molds and multicellular fungi.

There are thousands of different species of fungi that all have different shapes and characteristics. The fungus is composed of a hard and rigid cell wall and has a bonded core membrane. Mushrooms can not afford photosynthesis because they do not have chlorophyll.

128585622 Skin Diseases Caused By Fungi

Because it has unique characteristics, then the fungus is inserted into its own category. Just like bacteria, there are fungi that have good characteristics and some are actually able to cause disease.

Usually, the fungus invades the outer skin, the scalp is even able to attack and left in the nail. When a person has a weak immune system, such as AIDS, the fungus can attack all parts of his body, can even attack up to the oral cavity.

Mushrooms can cause disease in humans. Diseases caused by fungi in humans are commonly referred to as mycosis. Mikosis itself is divided into two types, namely superficial mikosis and systemic mycosis.

Superficial mikosis is a fungus attack that occurs in the skin, nails, and hair, which is generally caused by the fungus Trichophyton, Microsporum, and Epidermophyton. While systemic mycosis is a fungal attack that occurs on the inside of the body, such as subcutaneous tissue, kidneys, lungs, oral mucosa, heart, and vagina.

Various diseases caused by fungi in humans, including:

Tinea capitis
Tinea capitis is a fungal infection that generally attacks the scalp and hair. Tinea capitis is caused by mycrosporum fungus and Trichophyton attack.

Symptoms of tinea capitis, including scalp itch, hair looks dull and easily broken. The disease is transmitted through the use of comb and hair clippers. Severe infections can cause edematous and festering.

Maduromycosis is known by the athlete’s foot disease because the disease generally occurs on the feet of an athlete or sportsman who is often in a humid state. Maduromycosis is caused by the fungus Allescheris boydii, Cephalosporium falciforme, Madurella mycetomi and Madurella grisea.

Symptoms will arise hot itching, skin peeling, easily scratched and injured and cause unpleasant odors. This disease can be contagious if you walk barefoot in an area that has been contaminated with fungi causing the disease.

This disease is a type of systemic mycosis that is able to reach the lungs and is caused by the fungus Coccidioides immitis. Symptoms are almost similar to pneumonia, a cough sometimes accompanied and not accompanied by phlegm.

Coccidioides immitis fungus can fly in the air. The disease is transmitted through the air that has been contaminated with the inhaled fungus.

This disease is a disease caused by the fungus Sporotrichum schenckii. Symptoms will arise like a lump on the bottom of the skin that will grow and become inflamed. Then the network will experience death to form ulcus. Lumps will also form along the lymph tissue.

This fungus is transmitted by direct contact to people with sporotrichosis or by using a towel or towel of a person with sporotrichosis.